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Updated: Oct 30, 2018

How To Be A True Believer

Last week we looked at the benefits of having True Believers on the journey with us – those who believe. Refer to As a brain cancer patient; this is pertinent to get us through the tough times but also to realign our hope and faith. Life can deal us rough breaks and it is so easy to lose focus and to let trauma overwhelm us. To question why the cards have been dealt this way? For all of us, surrounding ourselves with True Believers is the panacea to the many pains we face. It also allows us to grow.

The key question to ask though, is “Am I A True Believer”?

That is what we are going to delve into today’s blog.

Although I totally agree with this definition (Ha, I should because I wrote it), for the sake of today, I want to go deeper. Being a True Believer means that we are aligned from a body, mind, emotional and spirit perspective. It is the only way I know of that helps us guard against traumas and terminal illnesses. In my case it is a brain tumor but for others it could be troubles with an ex partner, children or personal motivation. Our health, both physical and mental, has a big influence on our fulfillment and enables us to feel good, to live the life we want, for as long as possible. But sometimes it’s not until our health fails, or delivers a crisis, that we really appreciate what’s at stake and give our health the respect it deserves. Good health gives us choices for life. I think that no one would dispute that health should be the number one priority.

I have really admired the new evolution of Halle Berry. We all know her as one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, yet it is her pioneering work that she is doing in the world of physical health that may become her lasting legacy. Her #Fitness Friday posts and #PHITtalks are encouraging women all around the world to move.

I am sure that it is my dedication to physical health that has got me through some harrowing times. No matter how low I feel I get myself to the gym most days as soon as I drop off the kids to school. I have engaged a personal trainer and I really work out ‘hard’. It always leaves me positive and it gives me a goal to strive towards. It also provides the determination to get through the worst days.

I will be going into greater detail regarding my fitness regime in later blogs (mental and physical).

One book that I am in love with at the moment is Elizabeth’s ‘Big Magic’. It really delves into the fears that we all have which cripples our mental health and looks at ways to boost our creative capabilities. For those romantics out there Elizabeth also wrote ‘Eat, Pray. Love’.

While many agree health is important, their actions towards living a healthy life are below par. So why do many make lifestyle choices that don't support good health?

Health is most often an area that is drained, and with further analysis, which sabotages other areas like family and relationships. At first glance, poor health may seem due to poor nutrition, bad habits, too much sleep or not enough exercise. We state common reasons for poor choices being “too busy”, “no time”, and “not enough energy” to take action towards good health. But by going deeper and discovering what lies beneath these poor choices – why we make the choices we do – we can begin to turn our health into the number one priority for life.

Like any priority it needs action before everything else leaves us with “no time.” Are you putting your health before everything else each day? Do you have a daily routine that reflects how important your health is? Maintaining good health as a number one priority is a big and important responsibility – one that gives choices for life.

Imagine life to be a game and you are a player. Are you set up for a successful match? It takes a certain physical and mental condition to get in the game, to play and stay in the game and to finish the game. You need to be match-fit.

True Believers know life is like a marathon. Even if your life expectancy is short. In sprints it’s about who crosses the finish line first, but in marathons it’s about finishing. They may or may not cross the finish line first – but True Believers finish marathons!

Everyone wishes that his or her dreams would come true. Everyone wishes to have as much success as possible and for his or her life to improve. Imagine what it would look like to live the life you wanted to be fulfilled. Now stop imagining, stop wishing, stop wanting, and start learning how.

I clearly remember the moment I met Cathy Freeman. I was in the worse year of my life. I was battling in the courts and battling with my health. A friend brought Cathy over to me house and my spirits soured. She is such a humble champion with such strength. The next time I saw her was when I ran my first 5.7km race at the Melbourne Marathon. Having True Believers in your corner who have such belief is the best way to confront any challenge.

At the starting line as we begin the marathon – the metaphor for life – we are full of belief, but it is a vision without proof. We know what we want the finish line to look like but there is no evidence. Even so our belief at the beginning of the journey is like a force of nature that drives us to get in the game. The focus at the starting line is self-belief which brings with it hope, trust and resilience for the game ahead. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “To believe in something and not to live it is dishonest.”

The moment I was told that I had a brain tumor I knew that I had to believe in the redemptive power of hope. Without it, what chance have we got?

As the game begins it’s a firmly held belief that drives you towards the finish line far off in the future. And conviction is what happens when belief is resilient. It doesn't matter what knocks you get, it doesn't matter who says you can or can’t – conviction is that quality that takes belief and gave it stamina. When we know why and what we want and how to get there, we just keep going with conviction towards what matters. The focus during the long journey of endurance is congruence, courage and confidence. True Believers stay in the game and don't quit! In the words of Vincent Van Gogh, “I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart.”

It is why I started I knew that if a cure for cancer is to be found, I had to help people with all my heart!

As we near the finish the game, powered by our belief and conviction, there is a consistent and persistent commitment to delivering on the promises we make. The power of personal promise is the foundation of fulfillment and purpose. Commitment is where reward comes in a world where many often give up. The focus that determines a successful finish is decision, direction and discipline True Believers finish marathons – they commit to finishing! In the words of Tony Robbins, “The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.”

It is why I hope that my impact will outlast my work with That cancer patients and their loved ones are inspired and one day we have a cure for any tumor that arises.

When we master these three qualities they become life’s superpowers and we can move forward with extraordinary success in whatever life we choose.

What we can achieve with those who believe, has no limits!

In next week’s blog, we will look at the elements of True Believers.

Love & Peace


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