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Maintaining Your Mojo Last week we looked at the second of the superpowers of a True Believer – that being the Power of Conviction. Refer to https://www.candicewalker.com/blog/blog-12

The feedback I have received is that whilst people could understand the importance of values (although one friend mentioned how difficult life & relationships can be when they are not aligned) & the inspiration of passion (in particular the debilitating impact if you settle for mediocrity) it was the aspect of action that was the hardest to grasp. Not the definition of the word, but how you go about it. To me Ariana Grande’s performance in the aftermath of the Manchester bombing was a master class in living a life according to values, full of passion and proving that action can change the world (with a delicious dose of mojo to boot).

So what stops us from taking action? It’s often fear that stops us from acting. We can have our closest allies pointing out the bleeding obvious but we remain frozen due to the fear that has been implanted in our head. We would rather stay in our comfort zone (even though it is keeping us ‘small’) than seek to reach our potential or stretch zone (the place where we will be fulfilled and provide an authentic glow for the loved ones around us).

Or we don't act in order to avoid hearing the ‘no’ or to avoid failure and rejection. A University of California survey reports that on average a child less than one year old will hear the word ‘no’ 400 times a day! The number is high, as they often hear it a few times in a row – no, no, no! And by the time we are five, we hear the word more than 40,000 times. That’s a word we are very familiar with and one as adults we can be scared of. Especially when you have a brain tumor and preeminent doctor after doctor will state: “you have NO chance of survival beyond 3-5 years.”

True Believers are more resilient to the no’s and rejection and are far less fearful in asking for what they want. When you have a strong belief and conviction you become more courageous and take action in the face of fear. It is what I needed to overcome to launch candicewalker.com even thought I am a cancer patient myself. On a much bigger scale it is what drove Jessica Alba to launch Honest (now valued at $1.7Billion) even though she was told she was a “B-grade actress.”

And for the True Believer a NO received can be reframed as a not yet, as they focus on the belief that one day they will get a yes. Rather than giving up after hearing a no, it is about trusting that with more action the vision of what they want will soon become a reality. They believe that every NO brings you closer to a yes. A True Believer backs themselves even when others don't. They have a desire for a new reality and a deep conviction that, with persistence, they and others will receive the rewards. Consistent and persistent action is the leverage to success. In the words of Thomas Edison, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” True Believers persist and don't quit. Conviction is not just about the talk, it’s about relentless implementation. It is why I will continue to fight for a cure for this insidious disease and why others will fight well after I am gone. Don't quit by not taking action – your how matters.

The tough times don't have to last but the tough people do. Overcoming life’s curve balls provides enormous strength and resilience. And each time you fuel up with courage and drive forward you gain the tools and wisdom to take you through to the next opportunity. Clever people seek to understand what they fear. It may be something deep rooted from your past. It may be the fear of the unknown. It may be a pattern you just keep repeating. But they know that on the other side of facing their fear, lies spectacular growth and results. Rather than living ‘small’, you soon live a life that you were designed to live. Imagine upon meeting your maker and you realized that the life you could have had was not embarked upon not because of design but through fear. Rather than living in fear, learn what you are fearful of and take courageous action – it is the gateway to a fulfilled life. Don't succumb to the below ordinary. As humorist Will Rogers has said: “You’ve got to go out on a limb sometimes because that is where the fruit is.”

Amongst all your hard work it’s important to take some time to feel the joy of your success. Do you bask in the glory when you accomplish something? Do you take time to celebrate and reward yourself?

Why celebrate? When it is all about the work we may have the achievement but without taking a moment to celebrate we can become stressed and dull – being always focused on the ‘busy’.

Similarly when it is all play, we may have the excitement and fun, but without growth we become drained and in sad denial about our life. To find our ‘mojo’ we need everything in our life to be aligned to our purpose and most importantly our values. Going forward I wont invest time in activity where this is not aligned.

Knowing that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and all play and no work makes Jack a drained boy – Jack (and Jill!) need to look after their mojo.

People with Mojo:

Mojo is about finding that balance between all play and all work. We want to have fun – but not at the expense of our values. And we don't want to work at the expense of our fun. Our mojo is that special magic that keeps us moving forward and bouncing back after a setback. Sustain your mojo by creating a healthy combination of work, rest and play driven by a sense of purpose.

Those True Believers with conviction – who live by their values, are passionate and take consistent action – are well on their way to their finish line. But what will ensure that we get to that finish more often? Commitment is where we deliver on the promises we make to ourselves and the third superpower to ignite. This will be the focus of next week’s blog, before we delve into the detail of the qualities of the holistic model – body, mind, heart & soul.

What we can achieve with those who believe, has no limits!

In next week’s blog, we will look at the last Superpower of the True Believers.

Love & Peace


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