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The Power Of Commitment

Over the last few weeks we have looked at the superpowers of a True Believer – and last week we built upon this by articulating how action is the key to maintaining your mojo. Refer to

The third of the three superpowers of a True Believer is commitment. Commitment is where we take responsibility for our life, become clear about what we want and work productively until we finish. Commitment is where we consistently deliver on the promises we make to ourselves. When our commitment is weak we are more likely to make excuses, be indecisive, lack focus and not arrive at our destination. Commitment comes as a result of your conviction – your belief in your vision. It’s the power of a personal promise.

This is perfect timing for me this week. One of my highlights is my Brain Cancer support group. And whilst most are positive, I am always struck by those who have given up on their dreams. Given up on their passions. We only have one life. We have to make every day count.

The power of personal promise and commitment are the foundations of fulfillment. I know the pain and disillusionment my fellow cancer support group members face; yet by succumbing to our fear we miss out on any miracle that may present. When we learn to reject our excuses then we commit to a life that rocks.

Many decide what they want in life but then break into two groups:

It’s not about working harder or longer (as we all know where that leaves us); it’s about effective action:

Make a daily promise to move your life in a direction aligned with your values and commit.

One of the major components to success is your ability to deliver on the promises you make – to do what you said you were going to.

Ask yourself: when you say you will do something do you deliver on that promise? And do you deliver it when you said you would? If not, the reasons (or excuses) actually become irrelevant, as we are at risk of being seen as unreliable and untrustworthy, which isn’t good for our story. Ever since my break up I’ve worked on the principle of under-promise and over-deliver in my friendships.

Once you take responsibility for the life you want, belief on it’s own is not enough to get you moving. Making the right decisions is the next step. This is how we plan to succeed – the decisions we make that bridge the gap between believing in something and have something. When you are given a reduced life expectancy the premium on making the right decision amplifies exponentially.

Life is full of decisions – hundreds every day. And although many are simple, we waste precious minutes by taking more time than necessary to make a decision. This equates to hours of procrastination each year. This self-inflicted delay slows our progress and hinders our fulfillment. The gap between a decision required and a decision made can be costly, with many opportunities lost in the zone of indecision.

Making a decision can sometimes be tricky. We wonder… is it the right thing? Is it the best time? What will others think? Do I need to do this? But there is a more helpful question to ask – will making this decision move me in a direction aligned with my values? If the answer is yes then decide without delay. Upon deriving my family values with my children it is amazing how we don't fester over the insignificant and in turn focus on what matters.

In retrospect, not every decision will always end being the right one. In the words of Theodore Roosevelt, “In the moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”

We often ask too many people for advice. Sometimes we ask the wrong people. Sometimes we hang out with the wrong people. We then get confused; we procrastinate and don't end up making a decision at all. Take advice – then make a decision. As Jim Rohn states: “we are the sum of our 5 closest people”. So choose your friends wisely.

We all know that planning is important. It is essential to move us from Point A to Point B. It is what Adele has leveraged from a nobody to superstar in a relatively short time. The problem is that we make plans – decide what we want – but often never get to our desired destination. So what’s the secret? The secret is traction – traction is the key to getting to Point B. And the way we get traction is to have a clear focus on making all that you wrote on you're My Values List and you're my Values – based Direction List a reality.

As we proceed, our clarity keeps improving and we become more focused on our destination. But we can still doubt that we are right and this is very common.

Ever since I was diagnosed with a brain tumor I would often question if the direction I was going in was actually the right one. The road seems longer between the start and the finish when it is untravelled. My biggest question was “Are my actions the right ones to get me where I want to go?” Having spent too long in a state of numbness, I was focused on gaining momentum quickly so that the self-doubt wouldn't paralyse me. I had belief that I would get to the destination, but I constantly stopped and checked in to make sure my current plan was going to get me there.

When we have a clear vision of what the road ahead will look like it doesn't mean we are familiar with the winding sections along the way. Choosing a destination is one thing, but making sure you have a good GPS (ie aligned values) is paramount for setting the right direction.

One of the major differences between those who succeed and those who don't is that the former know how. They have learnt to be productive. Life becomes a lot simpler when you know how. Without learning to be productive, you are likely to have a bunch of things you want but never quite get. Being productive increases your motivation as you begin to see the results. Learning how to commit with productivity gets us across the finish line.

The most common reason we give for not being productive and not getting the things done is, “I don't have time”. The moment we give a reason and justify why we think, say or do what we do, we hinder the opportunity for change. When we stop giving reasons and start taking responsibility in every minute and every moment then life gets a whole lot better!

I have always wanted to look after my physical health. It is the key to mental strength. However I always put it off. I never prioritized it. Now it is a non-negotiable. It is the thing I do after I drop my kids to school. I make the time and it is probably the key thing that keeps me thriving.

The ultimate responsibility in life is being responsible for how you choose to spend your time, without reason and without regret. When we stop giving reasons and take action in every moment and every moment – life rocks. Every minute counts. It’s time to get the things done that matter.

With a definition of success as ‘living a life according to your values’, we spend more hours getting things done that matter and create highly productive hours. When we aim for hours of progress rather than complaining about hours worked, life moves forward – forward with each hour of progress!

Productivity will be the focus of next week’s blog, before we delve into the detail of the qualities of the holistic model – body, mind, heart & soul.

What we can achieve with those who believe, has no limits!

In next week’s blog, we will look at the lasting impact that Productivity makes.

Love & Peace


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