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Updated: Dec 31, 2018

The Power Of Productivity

Over the last few weeks we have looked at the superpowers of a True Believer – and this culminated with COMMITMENT. Refer to

When you have brain cancer you can have days and weeks where your mind is in a fog. It is hard to make your kids lunches let alone make life changing decisions. Following last week’s blog a lot of people have asked me about the third element of commitment being PRODUCTIVITY. In particular with so much going on, how do you do what you do?

My top three tips are:

Consider the hours between getting home from work and going to bed. How are you currently using these hours? Is it best use of your time or could those hours be used more effectively? Rework your time by saying “No” to low value tasks and “Yes” to high value tasks.

Those who live fulfilled lives don't do it all. They:

Sometimes we think we have lost our mojo, but all we may need is help – help that free us to focus on what we do best. Delegate or stagnate – it’s your choice. The key to having it all is not doing it all.

What low value tasks are you willing to turn off, say no to, delete or delegate? Saying no to low value tasks allows us to say yes to high value tasks. The first step is to decide which is which. The second is to act on these decisions and be disciplined about it. Before saying, “I don't have time”, choose to rework your time.

Once we decide what is important in our lives, the rest suddenly becomes less important. Then it’s time to say no to the things that don't matter – the things that take up our precious time and energy. Learning to say the small but powerful word, no, is critical to success. We grew up with the word no – some more than others. We may hear lots of no’s, but how good are we at saying no to others? Many find it extremely difficult to say no for fear of letting others down. But if pleasing others means limiting your own personal growth then it’s time to put yourself first and say “No”.

Why not say, “Yes”?

What are we saying “No” to? By saying no to things of low value we free up time, energy and money for the right stuff – the high value things that matter. This is one of the greatest tools of highly productive people. Of course when we say no it doesn't mean it doesn't get done – just not now and not by you.

WARNING! Don't forget to say “Yes” – just be super discerning when you do. It is about the return on your investment for every yes. Remember every no brings you closer to a yes!

If getting things done that matter is the path to a full and rich life, getting stuck in drama may be the hard road to a dead end. We waste a lot of time and energy being in drama and it is one of the biggest productivity killers. Life is a juggle, but those who master their own productivity have the greatest achievement and fulfillment. By staying out of drama we can increase our productivity in a massive way – giving us many more effective hours in our day.

Whether we realize it or not, we go in and out of drama all day. With our thoughts, actions or talk we can be a:

Being in drama is a habit that takes practice to break. It starts with being aware of when you are in drama and shifting your focus quickly to move out of drama. When we focus on what’s important we can make progress in a valued direction.

It’s about accepting what is in your power to change and what is not. As William James said “Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune.”

Success is not: ready, aim…drama! Success is: ready, aim get things done that matter. Get your aim right and stay out of drama.

Self-discipline is an essential ingredient for life satisfaction. Without self-discipline we would only do the things we wanted to – giving us short bursts of satisfaction. Top achievers have the ability to do things they know should be done, even when they don't want to do them. Why?

Exactly that – they have a strong why. Self-discipline comes from having a strong why in relation to the reason we do things. This comes from clarity around our values and around our taking action.

Scenario: It’s morning – the alarm goes off! You turn it off. Decision time. Get up and at ‘em or start making excuses like, “I’m tired, I’ve got to get to work, my body is sore, it’s raining, it’s too hot, it’s too cold, I’ll start next week, I have to get right first…” Sound familiar.

This morning I could not move yet I knew if I didn't get to the gym, mental fatigue would have set in.

The self-discipline muscle can be strengthened with frequent use. Like any exercise, if you stop you will lose the muscle. The good thing is that with a bit of training, you can become strong and effective again. How are you exercising your self-discipline muscle? Find your why and you’ll find your self-discipline.

In the words of Ernest Hemingway: “I only write when I am inspired to write and that inspiration happens at 9am every morning.” It is exactly the same philosophy that literally drives me to the gym at 9am every morning.

Remember that when it comes to discipline, don't wait until you are inspired or feel like acting, as that may never happen.

Next week we look at ‘how’ we bring this to life via body, mind, heart & soul.

What we can achieve with those who believe, has no limits!

Love & Peace


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