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Updated: Sep 11, 2018

From non-believer to True Believer

Last week I looked at the elements of what constitutes a non-believer in

Today I am going to delve into how we make the journey from non-believer to True Believer. The one woman who has encapsulated this powerful shift is Alecia Beth Moore. Or affectionately known as Pink. She went from an angst-ridden teenager, fuelled by self-doubt to an incredible performer and an even better human who empowers women all around the world to be a True Believer in themselves.

First things first. We need to work on the non-believer in you – first!

This was particularly pertinent for me as when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor it is hard to escape the dreaded words of the surgeon: “you have 3-5 years to live, and the typical survival rate does not exceed this.” At first everyone is there to pitch in and support which is wonderful. But as the weeks and months subside the cancer remains & you are left with the bitterness and self-doubt.

In life we give so much of ourselves – physically, psychologically, emotionally and financially – to help and support others. Sometimes it is easy to overlook the one person who needs your help and support the most and that’s you. We fear being labeled as selfish if we do focus on ourselves. The act of putting yourself first is not selfish when you understand the benefits, not only to yourself, but those important to you. Being the best you can be is your greatest gift to others.

I have much passion and compassion in helping others find their inner strength – to believe in themselves to walk forward with courage, with self-love and unconditional love for others. To help others feel empowered, to have a voice and to commit to making their very best contribution is what lights me up! I help others to become True Believers, to move up from the times they were non-believers in their own lives and to live with the non-believer in others. The 5 ways True Believers live their life is as follows:

I will be addressing each one in future blogs. It is not just for those with brain cancer, it is for us all.

The irony of my new found purpose is that I spent many decades looking outside myself for peace – for others to believe in me – scared to speak out and always looking for recognition and approval. In doing so I remained a child and did not know how to be a true adult. Many times I became a non-believer and was paralysed by the non-believer in myself and others.

I searched and searched – even though for most part I was ‘successful’ – I couldn't find true peace. I couldn't find fulfillment.

I was constantly searching and moving up and down the ladder as a:

And in those most difficult times as a non-believer, I played it small and in doing so nearly killed my soul. And with a brain tumor ever present, there were a few dark times, but I can promise you, that if you do the work that’s required and persist, you can pull yourself out of some of the toughest times in your life and find the True Believer within. I have experienced this and doing the work has enabled me to live with the greatest peace, purpose and fulfillment.

It took many courageous steps though, and I truly believe and have proven that self-love is the most powerful and peaceful place to live. This comes from looking after yourself – having self-respect – and from committing to being a True Believer who:

Those who were once non-believers can go forward to leave wonderful ripples, but only if they identify the non-believer in themselves and work on that first.

Love & Peace


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