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Those Who Believe

Last week I looked at how one can build a True Believers Tribe. Refer to blog: I talked about how through my cancer journey that without this True Believer tribe (whether it be friends, family, meditation class or support groups) I might as well have languished under my doona. Never to show my face. We need other True Believers on the journey with us – those who believe.

We all have thoughts of a better life. But why do some move confidently ahead with powerful momentum while others hesitate and stall? There are so many components to getting ahead with life but effectively managing self-doubt and fear is where enormous progress lies. Surrounding yourself with those who suppress, disengage or worse control, kills our spirit. Surrounding yourself with True Believers gives you momentum and personal growth.

There is a common transition period from self-doubt to belief and it’s neither necessary, nor smart to walk the path alone. A fellow True Believer can hold the belief for you until the evidence shows up for the party!

Whatever your journey, seek out and trust the expert guidance who have walked your path, who teach, support, encourage and see the greatness that we can’t see in ourselves – yet. They are those who believe before we believe. And when we are there we can hold the same belief for others – so they too don't have to walk alone.

Belief creates progress for many.

Time and energy are two of our most valuable resources. But it is not the time we have, it is what we do with our time that counts. Even if our days were 36 hours long, many would still be feeling busy and stressed. My friend mocks me because every time we meet I say “I am so busy.” When we respect time and learn how to use time effectively by surrounding ourselves with those who believe, we create energy. An energy that is precious and that has such a huge impact on our life satisfaction.

A good energy level is infectious and makes us more influential – it is a very attractive quality. Being around someone with a good energy level, like a fellow True Believer, is motivating and inspiring. It lifts you up and creates momentum from the interaction.

In this case like attracts like – True Believers attract other True Believers.

There’s no denying that there are many components to creating successful relationships. And I mean all relationships. Not just romantic. At the top of the list lies your ability to communicate well, but also important to communicate regularly.

Without these you may be forgotten – you may become a stranger.

This is even more pertinent if you want to be a True Believer to someone with a cancerous tumor. It is easy in the first few months to be an amazing presence. And it is greatly appreciated. However with life expectancy becoming longer with advancements in technology and therapy, it is really important to keep this consistency up. It is hard I know, yet we are a long time gone.

Have genuine care, be frequent and consistent and don't just show it once in a while. Add value to others and see the abundance that will surround you in all areas of life!

I can hear you thinking, “If only I had more time to put into my relationships.” Well that is an easy fix. It’s not about having huge number of relationships. On the contrary, it’s about the quality hours you put in to your relationships that matter. Time can never be an excuse, when you live life according to your values.

When it comes to relationships – don't be a stranger – be there and show you care.

You would be surprised at how big an impact you can make by just caring for people on a deeper level, by having compassion for their problems and then getting on with solving with them. I know that I have a close posse who I always seek council when I have an issue and invariably I solve them a lot quicker and more effectively. It is so important for those with cancer to have trusted advisors because technology, therapies and treatments are advancing faster than what an average GP can provide. In fact just this week, two scientists received a Nobel Peace prize for their landmark therapy to fight cancer

If I had just listened to my GP I may have succumbed to self-doubt a long time ago. I have listened to others, completed additional investigations and my self-belief and conviction has markedly enhanced.

My point is that we must get better at leaving no stone unturned when it comes to seeking and understanding the problems of our loved ones and respond with compassion.

What we can achieve with those who believe, has no limits!

In next week’s blog, we will look at the elements of True Believers.

Love & Peace


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