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My First Blog

I am very excited to write my first blog. My passion & purpose is to inform and inspire people with cancer and their loved ones. This calling came about when I was diagnosed with a brain tumour and I was shocked at the lack of information and hope that was made available to cancer patients. All the doctors could offer was the technical 'knowns'. and with that a death sentence of 3-5 years. There had to be more to life than this. I am now into my sixth year and I am convinced that if you can change your mindset from a non-believer to a true believer not only can your quality of life improve but so can the longevity of your life.

When you are diagnosed with cancer the first and probably only thought you have is death. You can also see it in the eyes of your loved ones. That is why for most, we start the cancer journey as a non believer. You are given a 'sentence' without any hope of any 'bonus'. I would never say "don't listen to the doctors" because they are at the forefront. However there is so much information out there that can help improve our life we must arm ourselves not only with hope but also desire for the truth. By doing so we can move up the ladder until we become true believers in the redemptive power of hope, compassion and knowledge

When you are diagnosed with cancer it is very easy to have a diminished mindset (aka a non-believer) and allow the world to engulf you. When I work with individuals I help them on the journey from a non-believer to being a True Believer.

Living with greater purpose and fulfillment is about keeping the WHY and WHAT aligned.

True Believers know why they do what they do and they know how.

There is often a back-story for a True Believer. They have gone through many ups and downs to eventually arrive at the top of the ladder as a True Believer.

Over the next weeks I will delve into these ups and downs via my blog and outline the elements of the True Believer growth ladder. Beyond this I dig deep into the holistic model and illuminate the benefits of living a life focused on amplifying body, mind, heart and soul.

Cannot wait to share with you!

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